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Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in ana-b.com, please read the guidelines below:

This space is open to other experimental/visual/concrete poets/artists or works resulting from the interaction of poetry with other arts (I’m calling it mixed media for short). Experimental poetry is also sometimes referred to as “linguistically innovative poetry”.
I don’t like labels but there’s no easy way to put it. What I mean by the concepts above is basically other poetry traditions that are interested in experimenting with language and its limits, in questioning and problematizing poetry, in redefining and questioning concepts, etc. This usually includes poetry traditions that are not considered to be in the mainstream in most countries or that are not widely “accepted” or “recognized” by the canon and the establishment. It also includes any type of work where poetry interacts or is used along with or in interaction with other arts (such as design, music, photography, painting, objects, physical spaces/places etc.). The internet currently offers a lot possibilities regarding all this and this website intends to be a showcase of all those possibilities.

This section is geared towards poets/artists who identify with the site and would like to have their work featured here.

If you identify with the site’s content and philosophy and would like to see your work posted here, please contact me.
I will gladly include experimental poetry/art (concrete, visual, sound poetry, experimental and unlabelled stuff(!), mixed media etc.).
I will accept simple text, images/photos, animated gifs, flash, sound, video (if not too long), etc.
You may send anything in Word, html, PDF, jpeg, gif, Flash, mp3, QuickTime, Avi or Ram(RealPlayer) file formats (and others) but CONTACT ME BEFORE YOU DO SO.
You can also contact me if you are unsure about the appropriate medium or if you have technical questions regarding the submission.

I am always interested in collaborating with other poets/artists. If you have any projects in mind, contact me.

When you contact me, please always use a clearly identifiable subject line (for example: “poetry submission”, etc.).

IMPORTANT: Please do not submit other people’s work without their permission, this site will not be responsible for any copyright issues.

Please note: I will not include other types of poetry (i.e. other traditions) because there are already plenty of sites on the web that will publish that. Thank you for understanding.


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